Thursday, September 10, 2009

no, i did not read this over before i posted it

I have reason to believe my first version of this program I am making will completely fail. Why??

Well this first version will be missing at least one key aspect of logic/math

mathematics within logic:
currently, the program may only consider a variable, and its relationship with another varible. not the variable minus 1 compared to the other variable, or the variable minus some other variable compared to a variable.... it's strictly variable to variable comparison. This is a problem because:
Imagine we're playing a 'game':
I give you three numbers, A, B, and C.
I want you to tell me whether or not A minus B is greater than C

the logic you would do is as follows
if(A-B > C)
Say "yes"
However my program cannot do that, it cannot subtract A-B and compare it to C

Now imagine you are intelectually limited to variable by variable comparison
There's no way to determine for certain whether or not A -B is greater than C, the closest you can get is:
if(A > B and A > C)
say "yes"
However, there are numerous counterexamples, so you would not be correct 100% of the time. (example A=5 C=2, B=2, 5-2 is not greater than 2)

What's the solution??
well.... I have half of an idea... I think i can do it... implementing it may turn my own head upsidedown

independent calculators:
These calculators will take multiple variables, they can be any particular variables that the neuron may decide, and do math ONLY with those numbers. Not any other input, just the variables given. However, how these will be implemented may be another story. I may find that each part of the if statement, I may need to make an object that is an independent calculator. Then the question may become-- should these independent calculators only be within the neuron, or should the entire brain have access to these calculators?

I think yes, with all neurons able to call on independent calculators, they may find that the calculators will become to represent rules in whichever game it is trying to learn. These rules may end up being used to solve different games it may try to learn.

Why is this so hard?????
first off, they are one more thing to mutate. I already have to mutate how the brain works, then how each neuron works, now I need to worry about mutating these guys.
The neuron also needs to recognize that these calculators exist, then mutate what they choose to put in the calculators.

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