Saturday, December 5, 2009

Somebody discouraged me, but I am back with a vengence

It has been three months since my last post. Since then I have slowed down due to college. I need to keep up with this blog for my sake!!

So in three months what progress has been made??

My idea (as i've researched and found out) is a more complicated neural network. This does not necessarily mean it will be more effective, though that would be pretty sweet.

So here's what's going on
The input will always be a list of numbers representing the environment to the algorithm.
The Network, using its prewritten rules logic, will take the information bend it, twist it, multiply some stuff and get a result

The result will always be one number such as:

The environment will be programmed to use numbers in a certain way, preferably in a way that would be easy for the algorithm to adapt to later on.

NOW what's REALLY important is how we get from an array of numbers, to a single digit.

There is a huge map of 'neurons', these 'neurons' take in a certain amount of input, multiple numbers or maybe only one number, they do some logic and add some numbers in some almost random way (it changes over time, that's how i can find the best one), and then outputs ONE number.

Many of these things are connected to one another, the output from one neuron can be used by any other neuron that wants to know the variable, then spits out one number.

In the end, there is one deciding neuron that gives out the final output.

Many of these structures compete with each other to play a game. If they win more than others, they get to have babies, who are exactly like the parents, but with a few mutations. Then all the children and all the parents fight in the game, the best are selected, and the whole process moves over and over again.

Tomorrow: weaknesses, and how to make this better