Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Since the last time

It has been a short while since I posted last, and as such I have a lot of changes to what I plan on doing.

My previous idea with the hierarchy of voting, has been nearly forgotten, maybe I'll try it out if this doesn't work.

However If my newer Idea works, it has the potential of not only beating people at one game, but many with the same algorithm

This idea does not only use math, but a heck of a lot more logic. For every piece of math done, there will be an option for a logical requirement to do that math... So it will work something like this

Each 'logic machine' will get an array of variables
then a stream of logic and math will follow, this will be encoded somewhat, but just for the sake of making it easier to understand.

finalVar = 1 // could be subtracting, adding, multipliing, adding a variable

'finalVar' will be what the algorithm returns to whatever gave them the vars.
with this, things get interesting

the algorithms can give each other their calculations. How they do that is in my head and still needs perfection... and hey if this really ends up working out (on the off chance) I gotta keep part of it secret!!