Thursday, September 17, 2009

how neatly done!

Typical genetic algorithm:
specific traits are chosen very carefully, as the computer scientist approaches the problem. A specific string of binary numbers is chosen to represent his creation. These numbers will mutate to perform the task at hand. In order for this scientist to do so, he must test how well each binary code will do in the given scenario, so that the scientist may more carefully decide which one is correct.

There is tedious calculation, each may be given multiple scenarios, then ranked on how well each binary code performs. They use advanced math to decide how each one should be chosen, and how many children each binary string should have, or whether they should die.

Then when the scientist runs this program, something happens. There is a 'super subject' but not in a good way. This subject is not getting better, but it's gene's are dominating the gene pool. This super subject is not as perfect as we would like, so much more mathematical calibration must be done.

Well, what if the scientist did something else....
A lot of times in real life, some things that happen seemingly randomly give us an advantage. While over time the strongest survive, some of the weaker ones survive and keep traits that may become useful. We need the weak and the strong, and some way to choose between them.

Well, what if they competed against each other, and we recorded how many times they win. However, not all of them will necessarily get to play the same amount, each one is randomly chosen as a pair to fight, then on to the next pair. There are a lot of pairings, and yes it is a bit random, but those who are better over time will succeed....

let's see what happens!!!

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