Saturday, September 19, 2009

Proof 1: something else is needed....

Assume we are using a genetic algorithm, we want the perfect strategy in a game of 'Go'
'go' has way too many ways to play it for a computer to calculate (just consider it too many to be practical to solve)

1. the perfect strategy beats all other strategies
2. If you learn from experience alone, you may only be equiped to handle experiences you have been exposed to
3. Selection is made by the ability to handle experiences
4. ability to handle experience depends on genes
5. which genes have survived, depends on what events or experiences has lead to that point
6. genes represent past experience (3,4,5)
7. if you only learn by experiences, you must be exposed to all experiences to become perfect (1,6)
8. to become perfect more than experience is needed OR nearly all experiences must be encountered.
(assumed there was too many experiences)
9. more than experience is needed (8+assumption)
10. genes are not enough OR genes must represent more than experience (edit) OR perfection is impossible, maximizing is necessary

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